Frequently asked questions

What is 30 by 30?

30 by 30 is the best news for the planet you haven’t heard of!

It’s a global promise where countries have pledged to ensure 30% of the Earth’s lands and seas are safe by 2030. This is the planet’s best chance of saving nature so people and wildlife have a good future. 

30 by 30 is a big deal all over the world and almost 200 countries have signed on.

What’s exciting is Australia can really help out, because we Aussies love our nature, we want to keep it safe and we know what we’re doing when it comes to protecting it. We can show everyone else how it’s done!

Why do we need 30 by 30?

Australia’s nature is struggling for a few reasons including habitat loss, bushfires and invasive species. Sadly, we have the highest rate of mammal extinctions in the world.

But protecting nature in National Parks and other areas is one of the best ways to keep all life safe and healthy. It also ensures we have fresh air and water to support healthy communities.

How do we get to 30 by 30?

30 by 30 was supported by the Morrison Government and pledged by the Albanese Government. All states and territories have signed up too which is something to celebrate. But there’s still a long journey ahead. 

To make 30 by 30 happen, countries, local communities, businesses, and everyone need to work together to make sure the diversity of life on Earth can be protected forever. 

You can read more about the science in our resources section.

Ultimately, the pathway towards 30 by 30 is a political one, and we all need to make sure our politicians keep their promises and do this right.

So, what can you do?

About us

We are a non-partisan, evidence-based alliance working to ensure that Australia’s special and unique wildlife is protected for future generations. 

We work together with local communities, scientists, non-profits and governments to secure a healthy future for our wildlife, our shared cultural history and our treasured way of life. 

We want all Australians to have better access to the beautiful nature that our nation has in abundance. 

We have a shared aim of ensuring that Australia fulfils its commitment to protecting at least 30% of the landmass by the year 2030.

Our members include: