ACT NOW: fair go for nature

Did you know less than 0.1% of your tax dollars go towards protecting Australia? And we’re not talking the defence budget. We mean protecting our awesome landscapes, wildlife and culture – what makes Australia Australia.

Just 0.1% is not enough and it’s showing!

  • Australia leads the world in mammal extinctions
  • We are the only developed country on the global list of deforestation hotspots
  • 19 Australian ecosystems are showing signs of collapse including coastal mangroves, native forests and our woodlands.

We need urgent action to reverse this decline! It’s time we give nature a fair go.

That’s why we’re calling on the Australian government to invest at least 1% of the budget for nature. But they must hear from you! 

How your letter will make a difference

Our elected officials need to hear from the Australian community demanding more of our tax dollars go to protecting nature.

When you look at the impact of healthy nature on our economy and quality of life, investing just 1% for nature is a no brainer.

We just need our decision makers to hear from you to make it a priority!

How we can achieve 30 by 30

We have the tools, the know-how and the willingness to save nature in Australia. But shockingly, environment funding has had no major increases for more than a decade. This is despite increased threats like catastrophic bushfires, more invasive species and continuing habitat loss.

1% for nature would be transformative. It means a future where we still hear the Aussie birdsong, where we maintain our way of life, and where iconic animals like koalas and platypus are bouncing back in numbers.

Let’s ensure nature has a fair go. Please take urgent action by signing the petition now. It’s a small ask for our big and beautiful country.

Write to Australia’s Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek today, asking her to fund nature