Wondering why our campaign uses AI-generated images of Aussie wildlife?

We’ve chosen the AI path because, honestly, we don’t think Australian native animals would be too keen on posing for us – especially if we asked them to don hard hats and safety vests! And who can blame them? Our wildlife is wild, after all, and we want to keep it that way. We’re all about loving our animals from a respectful distance, whilst ensuring they have the proper habitats to survive and thrive.

These AI images let us sprinkle a bit of imagination on our native beauties without stressing them out or, heaven forbid, putting them in harm’s way. Imagine trying to get a koala into a hard hat or a wombat in a safety vest – that’s not going to end well for anyone involved!

Our Aussie animals aren’t just icons of our land; they’re precious lives that deserve our respect and protection. By using AI, we’re giving them the space to thrive in the wild, untouched and safe from any human-induced hiccups. And they did get your attention, right?

So, now that you’re here – why not join the global movement to protect these animal’s homes? Oh, go on.