Response to Environment Ministers Meeting

The following quotes can be attributed to Jason Lyddieth National Protected Areas Campaign Manager from the Pew Charitable Trusts, member of the 30 by 30 Alliance.

It is welcoming to see today’s communique from the meeting of Australia’s Environment Ministers include a strong confirmation of the goal to protect and conserve 30% of Australia’s landmass and 30% of Australia’s marine areas by 2030. 

But whilst this commitment is shared by all States, Territories and our Federal Government, we are not doing enough when it comes to funding that goes to nature.   

Australia is a global nature hotspot facing urgent threats. We lead the world in mammal extinctions, are the only OECD nation on the global list of deforestation hotspots, and 19 of our ecosystems are showing signs of collapse.  

We have a duty of care to the world, and to future generations of Australians to keep our country healthy. Right now, the Australian government allocates just 0.1% of total spending on protecting Australia’s unique and vulnerable nature. We know that this is completely inadequate to stop extinctions and achieve our 30 by 30 commitments. 

If just 1% of federal spending was dedicated to protecting nature, we would be well on the way to ensuring nature is healthy for future generations. The public support this too. Research conducted by the Biodiversity Council shows 95% of Australians support increased federal investment in nature. 

Pew is a member of the 30 by 30 Alliance