New Indigenous Protected Areas a welcome step on Australia’s journey to 30 by 30

Today’s announcement of more than 7 million hectares of new IPAs will contribute towards Australia’s commitment to protect 30% of the nation’s landmass by the year 2030.

“Indigenous Protected Areas now make up the majority of Australia’s protected area estate.  It’s great to see ongoing commitment to the growth of this important federal program,” said Pew Charitable Trusts’ National Protected Area Manager Jason Lyddieth.

“Many Traditional Owner groups across the country have worked hard to ensure today’s announcement became a reality – we’d like to congratulate them on this important step.”

“Whilst today is certainly a celebratory milestone, we must also see an even greater focus on federal funding that targets the protection of Australia’s unique and precious landscapes.”

“Australia is a global nature hotspot facing urgent threats. We lead the world in mammal extinctions, are the only OECD nation on the global list of deforestation hotspots, and 19 of our ecosystems are showing signs of collapse.”

“Right now, the Australian government allocates just 0.1% of total spending on protecting Australia’s unique and vulnerable nature. This is completely inadequate to stop extinctions and achieve our 30 by 30 commitments.”

“If just 1% of federal spending was dedicated to protecting nature, we would be well on the way to ensuring nature is healthy for future generations,” said Mr Lyddieth.

Pew Charitable Trusts is a member of the 30 by 30 Alliance.