There’s a better way to protect nature

It starts with protecting 30% of our backyard.

What is 30 by 30?

It’s the best news for the planet you haven’t heard of!  

30 by 30 is a global promise where countries have pledged to ensure 30% of the Earth’s lands and seas are safe by 2030. This is the planet’s best chance of saving nature so people and wildlife have a good future. 

The best news – it’s also achievable.

It’s still possible

Nature is under pressure from habitat loss, invasive species and climate change. But there’s hope. 30 by 30 can help keep nature healthy and ensure it’s there for generations to come.

Saving what makes Australia special is possible if we all do our bit. It’s a small ask for a big place. 

Join the global movement

Australia has a lot worth protecting. We have committed to 30 by 30, now we must invest in making it happen. Do your bit for future generations by showing your support. 

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